Monday, June 3, 2013

The Beijing Ghosts book description

The Beijing Ghosts is Book 3 of the Beijing Family book series and will delight your ghoulish fantasies with suspense, drama and entertainment!  In this new saga, Kara Chan gains a new real estate listing of an old mansion estate high up in the desolate hills of Bel Air of greater Los Angeles.  The owners are deceased for over twenty years; no one has set foot in the home and strange unexplainable incidents begin occurring.  On the day of her open house, four mysterious guests arrive from old Peking, or the name called for the city of Beijing during the early 1900’s and appears to have stepped right out of that era and not a day older.  Nothing is quite as it appears as Kara soon discovers the links the four guests have to the former owners and their lucratively successful and yet dark secretive businesses they carried on in the mansion mired in illicit and sordid pasts.  One in particular is a tall sultry Chinese lady wearing a red Chinese qi pao dress with a Mandarin collar and dark green jade earrings who sternly warns Kara about the unspeakable events of the mansion.  As dark shadows cast upon the house, Kara battles unrelenting ghosts and a blood-thirsty Chinese female poltergeist with powerful aid from Chinese feng shui and a renowned Voodoo priestess from New Orleans. 

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