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'The Beijing Family may be categorized as a comedy, but there are some serious and sobering threads throughout. Gina Tang demonstrates, contrary to what Westerners might assume, that not all Asian cultures are the same, that there still exists a rift between China and Japan, that the U.S. is not all milk and money, that even billionaires can be humble. I very much enjoyed it, from the first page to the last, especially Grandma Moh who, regardless of her family's tremendous wealth, is determined that only through her constant efforts in her Beverly Hills garden will her family not starve.

Thank you, Gina Tang, for this fun story. I expect that remainder of the Beijing Family stories will be just as wonderful.'

- James, Florida (Amazon)


'Gina Tang has struck gold with this series! At a time when most books on China are about finance, foreign trade, and politics, Tang has steered away from such controversial topics and has chosen to make us all laugh. The book is filled with many funny characters from Grandma Moh who is "old school" China, to the Real estate professionals the family meets in Beverly Hills. I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a winner!'

- Ryan, Hong Kong (Amazon)


'Now that I have read Gina Tang's the Beijing Family, I am set for the remainder in the series of five novels on a Chinese family come to America. I loved this one because it is well-written and the story is exciting, forcing you to go on and on without putting it down. My knowledge of China is limited to kung-fu, Chairman Mao and in recent times, Xi Jingping. After reading the book, I am much the wiser on the Chinese ways of the past and of today........I enjoyed the book, and easily recommend it to anybody keen on Chinese family drama.'

-Molebatsi, South Africa (Goodreads) 


'A delightful story of amusing characters that is entertaining and light-hearted funny. The author gives readers an insight to a rare comedic side of the Chinese culture. There is also a life lesson to be learned.'

- Pauline, Los Angeles (Amazon)

'The Beijing Family (2017) is another intriguing novel. It also walks us through some gruesome scenes of modern Chinese history. Character Simon is the Chinese nouveau riche who buys real estate in Beverly Hills and narrates what helluva The Great Leap Forward (Backwards?) and the Cultural Revolution look like. But I especially like Grandma Moh. She is a real holdover from the heyday of Maoism. When in the new cultural sphere in the US, she does many a thing that touches off my gales of laughter. The story is easy to follow; the language, easy to understand. Recommended!'

- Patrick, Thailand (Amazon)

'The author Gina Tang stands out from the rest when comes to comedy books she hooks the reader right in the beginning of the chapter before asking yourself what's store for the characters in the rest of the stories.

This book is perfect if the reader wants to learn about the Chinese culture while embracing the comedy part of it too..

It's a Winner!!'

- Elizabeth, Pasadena, California (Amazon)

'In this third book of the series, real estate broker Kara Chan's new listing of a remote L.A. estate quickly turns from dream to nightmare. With the pluck and resolve we saw in "The Beijing Family," Kara cleverly deciphers the multi-million dollar mansion's deeply-guarded secrets. The journey Kara takes us on is spiritually powerful, leading us from 21st century southern California to 1920s "Peking" and back. As Kara connects the property's past with the "earthbound spirits" she has come to befriend, we also learn firsthand about China during the "Jazz Age."

As in the preceding "Beijing Family" books, Tang's crisp language, fast-moving plot, and sense of humor (Ghost 409 all-purpose cleaner, anyone?) are real assets here. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Run, don't walk, to book #4: "The Beijing Beauties.'

- Catherine, Illinois (Amazon)

I could not put this book down! Gina Tang brings the reader into an intriguing world of the supernatural, where the present meets the past. The book delivers remarkable history, suspense and humor - really enjoyable!

- Peter, London  (Goodreads)

'A refreshing read about a transplanted Beijing family and the lessons they impart from the homeland to the people they meet while acclimating here. A worthwhile read showing that people are people wherever they're from.'

- Robert, San Gabriel (Amazon)

'The Beijing Family gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me, because it was such a pleasure to read. Gina Tang has proven she can write a good story, nice and not too complex. I want more. I want more of Kara, Simon and the other characters who add to this quick and amusing story. I learned about Chinese traditions and I loved every bit of new information she delivered. I strongly recommend this nice and on the short-ish side story. I had a good time reading it. 

- Susana, Spain (Good Reads) 


'A summer job catapults Greg Wong to the adventure of his lifetime; having to deal with two Chinese mummies that come back to life. If you're looking for a fast paced adventure, this is the one for you. The narrative is top notch and keeps the action going without letting you put the book down' 

- Maurizzio, Peru (Goodreads) 


'Beijing Beauties is a fun, entertaining and very educational read. The author takes you on a journey that at times seems impossible or unreal and I believe it is meant to show a side of a Chinese family that as Americans we don't often see, realize or explore. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down, wanting to see what happens next. Try will love it! This is the second book of this series I have read and I will read the other three. Thanks Gina for this gift!'

- Maria, Pasadena, California (Amazon)


‘This book was a good read with a good moral lesson. It also shows the importance of strong friendships and family.’

-heustains (Amazon) 

'The Beijing Family book series are great. I like the book. Easy to read and interesting. I bought three of the books so far, and wait for the author to publish more.'

- Michelle, Beijing (Amazon)

'This is a great story by a creative mind. Gina Tang writes brilliantly about the fabric of Chinese American society and generational gaps. A must read!'

-Julian, New York (Amazon)

'Fantastic book! This is book number 5 in the Beijing Family series. The story takes place in LA and revolves around young protagonist Greg Wang and his two companions. Greg is talked into taking a job at the local history museum which is about to exhibit two recently-found ancient Chinese mummies. Pretty soon, Greg finds out that there's much more to these creatures than he realises. I found the main characters likeable and relatable, and the story moved at a satisfyingly fast pace. The story is not only a modern-day adventure tale, but it also incorporates many aspects of Chinese culture into its plot. It's a great mix of mystery, adventure and young adult. Definitely recommended.'

-Joe, United Kingdom (Amazon)

Gina takes us on a journey very few readers know about. The influx of Chinese money, particularly in real estate, has created an almost gold rush frenzy that is both funny and chaotic. It's a whirlwind adventure for her protagonist Kara who is balancing her Vegas casino ambitions with the more mundane task of showing homes to a rich Chinese industrialist. It's a wild ride and a funny one at that!

- Margaret Vita (Amazon) 

This was a well written book, it gives everyone a Chinese perspective in how they think and feel. It is also an open door a clearer understanding of there mind set. I LOVE! The detail descriptions of the atmosphere in every scene. This book is worthy of a film.

-Milagros Lebron, New York (Amazon)

There's so much with this book...humor, modern Chinese society and family relationship. This is my first time to read a book of Gina Tang and it is well written and nice book...

-Fhey, Thailand (Goodreads) 

This (The Beijing Beauties) is the second book that I have read from author Gina Tang. I enjoyed this book even more than the first (The Beijing Family). I learned even more about Chinese culture and the author is really good at weaving it together with western culture. It's part of a series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone novel. All the characters in this book revolve around one central person. If you have ever been in the dating scene you can probably find something in this book that speaks to you. I found myself identifying with something from each character and it wasn't always the most obvious thing. This book is so real and deals with real issues that most women face at some point in their lives.

-Brina, Michigan (Goodreads) 


A book filled with good points about family, values, and choices. At first I didn’t think it’d resonate well to me but actually found it very relatable and easy to read. Everyone can be humble, even a billionaire! The book could also be a good eye opener as to what they could expect on what’s the real deal about Asian culture and families. I also love how a very complicated world of real estate have been explained thoroughly on the book. Albeit funny and humorous, I still found the book touching serious matters which isn’t so bad for a book categorized as comedy. Overall, I bet the other books of Gina would also be a good read, too, and so I look forward to reading them soon!

- Kim, Phillipines (Goodreads) 


Tang's writing has a quirky, upbeat vibe to it that makes it sound like you're hearing the story from the local grapevine. Gossip, if you will. That, combined with Chinese culture, is what got me hooked because it's an area that I've never had the chance to read into up until now. I really loved the various cast of characters you get to meet in the story (Grandma Moh is a diamond), and - honestly - once you get hooked it breezes by so fast that it leaves you wanting more.

Overall, I definitely recommend reading this book through and through. The story is warm and put me in several moments where even I was stressing out over situations!

Jen, Texas (Goodreads) 


The Beijing Mummies is the first book I have read in this series. After reading it I am interested to see what the others hold for the Wang family. I found this story to be a fun, light-hearted read and woud recommend. 

Rachel, United Kingdom (Goodreads) 

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