Friday, January 18, 2013

American movies always make other countries look third world

Here is Tom Cruise in an action shot filmed in Xitang for Mission Impossible 3. I never quite understand why American movies always make other countries look so third world, dilapidated and inferior in movies. They intentionally choose the most poorest and most run down part of that country to reflect its people and culture. Evidentially the Mission Impossible story line takes the characters to Shanghai, where there are so many modern areas to the city which they didn't choose. Instead, they chose this old and worn down part of Xitang to reflect the entire city of Shanghai. It's just like if film crews choose to film about Americans in the slums and housing projects of Detroit or the Bronx. It's the same as Slumdog Millionaire only showing the slums when there are many parts of India that are very modern and nice. Or the dirty run down hotel room of Bangkok in Hangover 2. If American films only show other countries at its worst, not only does it perpetuate ignorance about other countries and themselves but it continues complacency of the American audience to think that we have the best in everything when we don't.

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