Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Inspired Me to Write The Beijing Family book series

I was inspired to write 'The Beijing Family' book series when I was helping a fellow realtor that specializes in luxury homes in So. Calif. with the influx of Chinese buyers that couldn't speak English. Practically overnight, I went from being a commercial real estate broker working with dusty old commercial buildings to palacious dreamy mansions and the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It's been quite a journey and I've learned alot. Many of the characters and events in the books are inspired from the truth. But this book is not about the Chinese and their wealth. It's about people. No matter where you are in life or where you come from, we are all fighting the same problems and daily battles of life.  The Beijing Family are people just like you and me. 
At first, I wrote the initial manuscript in a non-fictional format which was a more serious bio-documentary.  After it was finished, I wasn't quite pleased with it.  So the Chinese have tons of billionaires, so what?  It's boring just talking about my experience with billionaires and their wealth and their impact on society.  There are countless news article about the Chinese and their newfound wealth and luxury purchases worldwide.  Mine was just a longer version with more personal accounts.  It was very one level, shallow and lacked depth.  Relaying personal experiences, it felt brainless and limiting.   I then changed it into a fiction which gave me more creative licensing and story development.  I had room to grow the book and characters with no limitations.  I developed story lines, plots, interesting characters and added lots of comedy, humor, suspense and drama.  Voila, The Beijing Family came to life! It's entertaining and I'm loving this new style everyday!