About the Books

The Beijing Family book series was originally published in 2013 and 2014.  It's currently undergoing major renovations to include new writing, editing, cover art and more to be republished in 2017.    Good stuff coming ahead. 
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Simon Wang is a wealthy Chinese billionaire moving his family from Beijing to Beverly Hills so his teenage son can obtain an American college education.  The son, Greg Wang, is raised in China’s one child policy generation and is privileged and shy.  Grandma Moh is a relic from the Cultural Revolution that practices traditional Chinese medicine in their gourmet kitchen and fears the next invasion of the Red Army Soldiers or nationwide famine.  Together, they settle in their new home in Beverly Hills.  With strong roots to China transitioning into Western luxury, their cultural adjustments are daunting and unintentionally comedic.  Mired in old China, Grandma Moh is undoubtedly unsophisticated but surprises her newfound friends in Beverly Hills with her wisdom.   This is surely not to be missed!  This is Book 1 of the Beijing Family book series. 


The Beijing Youths is Book 2 of the Beijing Family book series and is filled with new adventures for the family from Beijing living in Beverly Hills.   Greg Wang, the teenage son, is trained in martial arts and discovers the magic of mixing it with hip hop dancing to win the toughest dance competitions with his crew in Los Angeles.  Simon Wang, his conservative Chinese billionaire father, forbids hip hop dancing like a strict authoritarian Tiger Dad.  He expects filial piety and strict obedience from Greg in fear that his dancing will hurt his son’s chances of getting into an Ivy League college.  Or will it help him instead? Meanwhile, Ling is Simon’s beautiful niece newly arrived from Beijing and recently crowned Miss Beijing.  She attends college and discovers her brand new world and meets a new friend, Cole.  Tall and handsome, Cole is a pre-med student on the swim team and the first American boy she gets to know.  As they spend more time together, Ling is attracted to him and wonders are they becoming more than just friends?


The Beijing Ghosts is Book 3 of the Beijing Family book series and will delight your ghoulish fantasies with suspense and drama.  In this new saga, Kara Chan, a realtor, gains a new real estate listing of an old mansion estate high up in the desolate hills of Los Angeles.  The owners are deceased for many years and no one has set foot in the home and strange unexplainable incidents begin occurring.  On the day of her open house, four mysterious guests arrive saying they are from Peking, or the former name for the city of Beijing during the early 1900’s and appears to have stepped right out of that same era and not a day older.  Nothing is quite as it appears as Kara soon discovers the links the four guests have to the former owners and their secret past.  As days go by, Kara battles relentless ghosts clinging tightly to unspeakable events lurking in the home from long ago.  Can she win this fight and sell the mansion?   


The Beijing Beauties is Book 4 of the Beijing Family book series.  Three Chinese women from Beijing look for love and romance in the city of Los Angeles.  Ling is young, beautiful and recently crowned Miss Beijing studying in college.  Surrounded by beautiful American sorority girls who are more popular with the boys, she wishes for the same attention.  Will changing herself improve her social life?  Jin is a successful and powerful real estate developer from Beijing.  Still single past thirty five, many in China call her a ‘leftover women’ and she is lonely.  Match made to Vince, a prominent financier living in Los Angeles, she hopes to find a man appealed to her strengths and not intimidated by her success. Is he the perfect man for her?  Chloe, a mistress to her married Chinese billionaire boyfriend since she was eighteen.  She is reaching thirty and wants to be married and have children.  She flies to Los Angeles to face her boyfriend who is avoiding her lately.  Will she finally leave him after all these years?